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  1. In The Kitchen: Pasta with Chicken, Veggies & Lemon Caper Sauce

    In The Kitchen: Pasta with Chicken, Veggies & Lemon Caper Sauce


    Today was an amazing day for all the little reasons.

    Mother's Helpers

    I scored some great finds at the dollar store, I got to see a friend (albeit very briefly – thunderstorms like to ruin our playdates) who made me a KICKASS diffuser necklace, my niece and nephew played with Roree all day and even got her down for a nap while I continued my “nesting” spree, JT and I were thoroughly entertained by Roree’s…

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  2. wickedclothes:

    There / Their / They’re Grammar Teacups

    Grammar is important. Help your tea-drinking partner brush up on their grammar skills this afternoon. These teacups individually feature the words “there,” “they’re,” and “their,” with matching saucers featuring sentences displaying the proper use of each word. Sold on Etsy.

  3. "If a story is in you, it has to come out."
    — William Faulkner (via fixyourwritinghabits)

    (Source: wordpainting)

  4. Things I Heart: Summer Stuff

    Things I Heart: Summer Stuff


    Yesterday, when I picked up Roree from my sister’s house, she was shirtless and sweaty.

    Roree, not my sister. ;)

    It turns out they were dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. It is, apparently, Roree’s new favorite song. Ironic, isn’t it? My little grumper guss’ favorite song is called “Happy.”

    Roree Dancing to Happy
    Roree Dancing to Happy

    Typically, the drive from my sister’s house to mine (which is only about 10…

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  5. A (few) Week(s) in the Life… Visits from friends, nesting and lots of family time

    A (few) Week(s) in the Life… Visits from friends, nesting and lots of family time

    It’s been fairly low-key around here, lately.

    There is a plague going around my town and a lot of my friends and their kids have been sick with a nasty stomach bug recently, so I’ve been staying under the radar quite a bit.

    My extreme phobia of vomiting + being hugely pregnant + not wanting Roree to go through that has made me a bit of a hermit.

    If I’m being honest, I started hermit-ing awhile…

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  6. A Week in the Life: Seeing Violet

    A Week in the Life: Seeing Violet


    We started having Fridays off at work a couple weeks ago, which is a nice little perk. The first Friday I had off was celebrated by a park date with a friend in which we got rained out of. It ended up being kind of cute because Roree and her friend had a fantastic time jumping in puddles until it started thundering and we had to head home.


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  7. Things I Heart: Make up, morning hair and more

    Things I Heart: Make up, morning hair and more

    This week has been FLYING by and I’m ok with that.

    I have some fun things coming up, like the Jungle Safari Tour and Monkey Feeding at Dade City’s Wild Things that I bought a few weeks ago from Half Off Depot. It was only $25 and we’d only have to pay an extra $12 so that Roree can feed the monkeys. Other than that JT and I are included in the tour.

    I’ve been dying to take Roree to feed monkeys…

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  8. When I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with R.L. Stein. I devoured all the Goosebump books…

    When I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with R.L. Stein. I devoured all the Goosebump books I could get my hands on, then as I got older I moved on to his Fear Street series.

    During those years, I wrote several stories that were obviously influenced by those books. They were about ghosts, witches and nightmares. I believe I wrote a 5-part saga called The Midnight Madness Clubwhen I was…

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  9. The Birthday Week

    In a desperate attempt to fit in all the things I won’t be able to do immediately after having Violet, I’ve been filling my weekend calendar with all sorts of fun events.

    Whether these events are for myself or Roree, I can’t entirely say, but it has been a busy several weeks. And will be a busy several weeks to come.


    Instead of attempting to write about each of these events, I’m…

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  10. A Week In The Life: Sick Sucks, but Easter Doesn’t!

    A Week In The Life: Sick Sucks, but Easter Doesn’t!

    Violette Jayne

    It’s Week 21 and Little Miss has been movin’ and shakin’ lately! Actually, just as of last night, I really started feeling her wiggle around! I was laying in bed and it was almost alarming how much she was stretching and rolling! I’d very nearly forgotten that incredible, surreal feeling and I hope I never do again. It is such an amazing, awe-inspiring thing.

    Aurorah Lyn

    Oh, this…

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  11. Things I Heart (i.e things that are not this awful cold I have)

    Things I Heart (i.e things that are not this awful cold I have)

    It is a little bit of a miracle that I’m awake right now. Well, miracle or mistake. Probably a mistake.

    On Friday, I took Roree to the Glazer Children’s Museum because I won 3 months free membership from my school’s Auction.


    I woke up a little sniffly and my throat a little scratchy, but didn’t think anything of it considering the pollen has been miserable lately. By yesterday, however, things…

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  12. Thankful Thursday: I Love You, Anyway

    Thankful Thursday: I Love You, Anyway

    Oh, hey Thursday! Thanks for being AWESOME!

    For the most part.

    Except for the times you sucked today… like how I felt vaguely like crap most of the day or how I had to leave work early to rescue my sister from a screaming-in-pain-constipated toddler…

    But it’s ok, now. I forgive you, Thursday. In fact, I forgive you so much that I’m going to take it a step further and be THANKFUL. For today and…

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  13. A Week In The Life… Impromptu Chores, EcoFest, Anniversaries and Baby Showers

    A Week In The Life… Impromptu Chores, EcoFest, Anniversaries and Baby Showers

    Violette Jayne

    ^^View from the top ;)

    Week 20. I cannot believe I am already approximately halfway through this pregnancy! Time has absolutely flown by!

    I have to say, in comparison to my pregnancy with Roree, my back is killing me WAY more than it was with her, far earlier. I know it mostly has to do with me constantly lifting her, but jeesh! The next 20 or so weeks seem a little daunting…

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  14. Things I Heart: I WANT CHICKENS!

    Things I Heart: I WANT CHICKENS!


    Today has been quite eventful. Why I am still awake when Roree is sleeping peacefully in the other room, I do not know… No, actually, I DO know. My friend is hosting a Jamberry Nails party and I’m trying not to spend a bajillion dollars on these awesome things!

    Anyway, Sunday I’ll (hopefully) post more about what I’ve been up to, but for now… here is some Friday ♥s for you:

    Pins I ♥


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  15. wordpainting: